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Physical Education & Training

Professional self-defense and mobility training for school kids, teachers and higher-education students and teachers. Classes and programmes can be developed to suit different age groups.

After school classes have finished are your kids left to wander around the streets, getting into mischief whilst bored and looking for something to do?


Do your teachers need some practical training to help them keep themselves and their students safe and secure in their education establishments whilst mitigating the security risks identified by the school governance board?

We have part of the solution with a new programme for a new season, including 'self-preservation' (self-defense and mobility) classes for School Kids at a loose end in the afternoons.  Lii-kan self-defense classes may be just the thing to keep them out of trouble, learn some useful 'Life Skills' and even develop their English language skills and confidence in using it at the same time.

All of the programmes listed below are based on a deep knowledge of martial arts training, both in terms of combative techniques, health and fitness training. In particular, the training draws on the style of Lii-kan Jitsu, currently practiced at the Liikan Jitsu Club ry in the Greater Helsinki region of Finland. For effective and realistic training in a modern school for modern day society, Liikan Jitsu is hard to beat.

Programmable options:

  1. Physical Education (P.E.) & Training Classes (koulu liikuntatunteja)

    Specialist P.E. Lessons for students and teachers of schools and higher-education establishments with a focus on self-defense  for teachers and combined with mobility training in the form of basic Break-Dancing and pure Parkour and more for students. 



These P.E.T. classes can be further enhance with specialist personal security, conflict intervention and risk management courses such as the SeTs 'Assault Awareness and Risk Management' (AARM) course for both students (secondary school students and above) and teachers a like. AARM courses can be organised in the classroom, perhaps with occasional visits to the sports hall and last for 2, 3 or 5 days per your needs. AARM course covers the principles and essentials of self-defense, stress and conflict management, personal security and risk management in general. We are also planning and developing this course for distance / e-Learning purposes.

  1. Afternoon School Classes (iltapäivä kerhoja)

School Afternoon Classes / Clubs for school kids in need of some exercise, a safe refuge and a way to channel their energies constructively whilst waiting for mum and dad to get home from work. A very worthwhile investment for any conscientious school trying to serve the needs and interest of its local area.



Action Points and Next Steps...

  1. Ask you local school teacher / principle or contact us directly (email)
  2. Visit one of the classes and watch a while to get meet us.  Complete the member application form bring them along with you to your first session at your local afternoon club if already established.

Other Short video presentations

Afternoon Club Activities

Self-defense training based on Japanese Ju Jutsu, Kung Fu and Kyusho. I.e.


'Jiu Jitsu with a Taste of Kung Fu and the Touch of Kyusho'


The core system Shorinjitsu is a combination of Jiu Jitsu (Ju Jutsu) and Kung Fu, i.e. KungFu-JiuJitsu. The addition of Kyusho (nerve points) along with side arts such as basic Break-Dancing and pure Parkour provide a more natural, flowing (mobile) and effective, hence practical self-defense training programme and school that we call Lii-Kan Jitsu.

The name Liikan is composed of two words Lii and Kan that come from the names of the two symbols for Fire and Water in the Chinese Book of Changes, known as the 'I Ching'. In the Finnish language the name sounds similar to other words with unintentional meaning, hence locally (in Finnish) we write it as Lii-Kan. 

  • The style includes pure Parkour and basic Break-dancing for fitness, body control and mobility by fleet of foot or when grounded. Many of the movements are also the foundation of some self-defense techniques. For more information and videos, see our homepage 'Side Arts'.

  • Training includes situation management derived from more than a decade of work experience as a security guard and supervisor in a variety of venues and roles, including shop guard and store detective work. It also provides anti-bullying training along with security and risk management in general. We can also collaborate with the school security management board to enhance and extend school programmes such as the local KIVA koulu (Nice Schools) programme.

  • Where the school is willing, we can also occasionally organise extra excursions to specialist training centers such as Superpark, Parkour Centre and others. When the school is unwilling to support such activities, they may still be possible if the parents are willing to pay the extra cost or, help find a local business sponsor.

All training is not a matter of 101 favourite combat techniques as so many (women's) self-defense courses seem to be. Instead we focus more on the principles of action and behaviour using practical psychology, communication skills and conflict intervention and management that are as relevant to learning, collaborative and general social skills for personal or working life.

Generally speaking, we can say that we practice...


Life Skills for Life!



References & Recommendations


Kalajärvikoulun Finland 100 mobile school (Liikuva koulu) demo 21.9.2017

  • Ask the organising teacher: Maija Ylevä

Kalajärvi school P.E. Training sessions, 23-27.10.2017

  • Ask the organising teachers: Maija Ylevä: Esteban Fernàndez ja Maija Ylevä

Vantaa City 'Liikuva Koulu' event, 8.5.2014

"The programme included a skillfully paced topic presentation, imaginative and fun exercises with some principles of self-defense.

The instructor communicated clearly in Finnish language, he had good contact and a warm authority towards the students, that he kept enthusiastic and focused. Our participation in this Liikan Jiu Jitsu workshop was in our opinion the highpoint of the event."

Tarja Malmi-Raike, class teacher (4b),  18.5.2014

See the video: Liikuva Koulu Video, 2015


Key Benefits

  • Realistic and effective training in a modern school for modern day society.
  • Fitness and mobility training augmented using popular modern dance and sport activities.
  • Training tailored to your needs and schedules.
  • On-going training or defined courses with no gradings or other paraphernalia, unless requested.


The chief instructor officially holds a third dan black belt in Liikan Jitsu, but has been training in the arts since 1983. He has founded, taught and managed three clubs since 1987, 2 in the U.K. and 1 in Finland. He also trains in traditional Japanese weapons and leads an official Kyusho study group licensed by Kyusho International.

Liikan Jitsu is a hybrid system that began to develop on an independent basis in 1995 after emigrating to Finland. Its original forerunner, the Shorinji Kekpo Karate system was developed in early 19th century Japan by the head of the Tokyo police force at that time. The modern day Liikan system is still founded on Japanese Ju Jutsu, but also draws on many aspects of Chinese Kung Fu (E.g. Tai Chi, TKD, Wing Chun, Praying Mantis etc.), Kali-Escrima-Silat, Kyusho and traditional Japanese weapon systems. The system includes the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, sports and applied business psychology along with modern day criminology, security and risk management, in which, the instructor holds an M.Sc. in security and risk management. The A.A.R.M. courses are a direct result of these broad studies.

Liikan is currently practiced in conjunction with the Helsinki Kyusho Study Group under the auspices of Kyusho International the world's foremost experts in the field of pressure / vital points for martial arts and health. Kyusho International boasts its own impressive on-line learning programme, the link to which can also be found on the top right 'Affiliations' navigational pane of these pages.

This extensive theoretical and technical training background is supported by several years practical experience working as a qualified security supervisor (including door supervision) at bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibition centres, sports and music events, and as a security guard in the retail sector. Qualifications include the 'järjestyksenvalvoja' (security supervisor) and 'vartija' (guard) qualifications with use of force rights, including cuffs, baton, pepper spray and telescopic baton. Other qualifications include the Certified Protection Officer certification by the IFPO (International Foundation for Protection Officers).

More information about Liikan Jitsu can be found from their homepages or from facebook, Eventbrite or Meetup.com.

Capability 1
Extensive theoretical and technical knowledge of self-defense way beyond the simplistic  quick-fix systems that so often abound today.
Capability 2
Practical real life experience of work-place violence and conflict management. 
Capability 3
A comprehensive understanding of the wider framework, the practical, theoretical and legal aspects which go to make up personal security management in general. This is supported by the ability to integrate and clearly explain the physical and psychological skills, verbal and non-verbal.

For further information, please contact us (SeTs Freelancer Education and Training Services) by email: ToiminimiOK ,

or visit us on our Facebook page and chat with us there.


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