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Open for Business


SETS launches its business services to the Finnish market.

29.09.2018 18:02:29 +0300 -- Spensort Training Services has opened its doors to the public and business organisations for training and consultation on issues of security and risk management.

We are proud to present our initial service offerings to the public in the areas of personal security, conflict management and practical loss prevention training. Further services and products will follow in due course. For more information please follow the following link: Spensort Services Information Page

As a first step to kick-starting the business Spensort has launched a new and dedicated website to act as a window and first point of contact for potential clients.

The website can be found at the following internet address: www.spensort.com  

Links to other related sites and information can also be found from this business window.

For More Information Contact:


Initial contact by email please.

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