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To review the products and/or make a purchase please feel free to visit the web-shops via the links embedded in the images provided below, or those in the border of the right hand margin.

Kyusho International

The Kyusho International (KI) programme is not designed to teach self-defense as such, but instead focuses on the vital points themselves, their effects, how to strike them and how to revive and recover the victims. It can be used within any martial system of your choice or other tactical applications such as Law enforcement or general security operations such as guarding.

It has been developed as an art in itself, for presentation to the public by Kyusho International (KI) in a style free format. This makes it a valuable supplementary and independent companion art that is accessible to any martial artist or other individual wanting to expand or improve both their knowledge and practical skills in this impressive art. KI are arguably the world leader in this field, constantly researching with the aid of qualified medical doctors and pointing the way with a reputable and internationally recognised programme that includes testing and certifications if required.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Book Store

Shaolin Kung Fu On-Line Book Store, Click Here >>>

A book store dedicated to the translation and supply of original and ancient Chinese texts, manuscripts and books all about Chinese Kung Fu.


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Turtle Press

Turtle Press Martial books & DVDs

Turtle Press is a well known martial arts dedicated book store available on line with books and videos / DVDs about a wide range of martial arts and other self-defence / security related titles.

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The products shown on this page are provided by affiliates, the products, services and contents for which Spensort Training Services makes no warrantees and accepts no responsibility for whatsoever. All transactions made with affiliates are made at your own risk and any transactions or liabilities that arise are purely between the affiliates and the customer only.

For further information, please contact us by email: ToiminimiOK ,

or visit us on our Facebook page and chat with us there.


Kyusho International
Kyusho International On-Line Learning Programs

SKF Book Store
Shaolin Kung Fu On-Line Book Store >>

Turtle Press
Link to Turtle Press martial arts webshop




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