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Loss Prevention

Training and consultancy tailored for security professionals working in the area of 'Loss Prevention', such as in retail establishments. These tailored courses will include a review of personal security and conflict management techniques, tactics, process and management issues, along with practical techniques and tactics specific to prevention of loss, i.e. surveillance, capture and arrest of suspects.


Key Benefits

  • Improved understanding of professional loss prevention beyond the limitations of the legal and licensing framework as taught on official guard qualification courses.
  • Practical techniques and skills for surveillance, capture and arrest of suspects in a professional manner.
  • Improved customer relationship and conflict management skills.


Having founded, taught and managed three clubs since 1987, 2 in the U.K. and 1 in Finland, the trainer is an experienced self-defense instructor, dealing with unarmed and armed defensive skills. This teaching experience is also supported by formal training and work experience as an English language teacher and as a security management vocation teacher in higher education.

Capability 1
A highly experience self-defense instructor, studying martial arts since 1982 and teaching since 1987.
Capability 2
An experienced security guard in the retail sector, with work loss prevention experience in department stores, food stores and luxury goods shops since 2008. Other security work experience includes order supervision and conflict management as a security supervisor / doorman since 2004.
Capability 3
A broad and high level of education in both work-place violence, security and risk management as a whole, including an M.Sc. degree in security and risk management.

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