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Kyusho Study Group

Kyusho is the art of striking or otherwise manipulating vital points on the body to incapacitate, maim, knock-out or even kill an assailant if need be, but is also for revival and health applications. Kyusho is the Okinawan term for what is vicariously referred to in Chinese arts as Dim Mak, Dim Hsueh and/or Dim Ching, or Atemi in Japanese.

Modern day Kyusho as defined by Kyusho International (KI) programme however, focuses mainly on the nerve point applications that are non-lethal, but non-the-less effective. This makes them much more practical both in terms of modern day application and in training for greater skill development, hence the confidence to actually use them in real life if need be.

More information and links are available on our affiliate summary page.

Kyusho Study Group, Helsinki

Group study and practice is conducted behind closed doors in indoor training facilities for security and safety purposes. The training is lead by a licensed study group leader (SGL) in a friendly workshop format to practice the skills needed to obtain KI certifications. Kyusho International also provides DVDs, books, an on-line training programme and a useful Chat Forum for members to raise and discuss issues relating to their study of Kyusho.

Training in Kyusho with Kyusho International is currently available locally (Greater Helsinki, Finland) only through their local licensed representative and kyusho study groups.

Programmable options:

  1. The public Kyusho Study Group, Helsinki organises and participates in vital point training, known as Kyusho, taught on a monthly basis as part of a general KI study group programme in which you are invited to come and train with us. Please note, these are not seminars. They are group workshops for the cooperative study of Kyusho in which the sharing of knowledge is lead by the SGL.

  2. Private study groups organised on a monthly basis for your own defined list of members at a time and place of your own choosing and convenience, subject to availability of the study group leader and facilities.

Key Benefits

  • The support and backing of an internationally recognised organisation and syllabus in the form of Kyusho International.
  • A highly experience self-defence and personal security management instructor as your study group leader.
  • A style free, apolitical training scheme that allows you to integrate the knowledge into your own systems as you see fit.


The Study Group Leader holds a third dan black belt in Liikan Jitsu, but has been training in the arts since 1983. He has founded, taught and managed three clubs since 1987, 2 in the U.K. and 1 in Finland. He also trains in traditional Japanese weapons. More information about Liikan Jitsu can be found from their home pages or from their facebook pages.

This extensive theoretical and technical training background is supported by several years practical experience working as a qualified security supervisor (järjestyksenvalvoja / portsari) and as a security guard (vartija) in the retail sector. Qualifications include the 'järjestyksenvalvoja' (security supervisor) and 'vartija' (guard) qualifications with use of force rights, including cuffs, baton, pepper spray and telescopic baton.

Capability 1
Extensive theoretical and technical knowledge of self-defense way beyond the simplified quick-fix systems that so often abound today.
Capability 2
Practical real life experience of work-place violence and conflict management. 
Capability 3
A comprehensive understanding of the wider framework, practical, theoretical and legal with the ability to integrate and clearly explain the physical and psychological skills, verbal and non-verbal.

For further information, please contact us by email: ToiminimiOK ,

or visit us on our Facebook page and chat with us there.


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