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Liikan Jitsu

The Liikan Jitsu Club ry practices the art of Liikan Jitsu. Liikan Jitsu is a personal security, conflict and risk management system, primarily derived from Japanese Jiu Jitsu (for which there are actually many different styles) and strongly influenced by Chinese Kung Fu (E.g. Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Laugar etc.) and other arts such as Kali / Escrima. We are also actively involved in the study of Kyusho (Vital Points) as a companion art and supplementary training. To this end many members also participate in Kyusho Study Groups in Finland, the home pages for which can be found in Facebook under the name: Kyusho Study Group, Helsinki.

We are a group of friendly and open minded people from a wide spectrum of ages and cultural backgrounds, who train together in a spirit of mutual friendship, support and co-operation to develop our skills. What we practice is not a sport, even though friendly competition is an essential part of the training process, nor is it about gratuitous violence and aggression. It is about having fun and keeping fit  and healthy in the process of self-defence training. The style also encompasses meditation / bio-energy training (e.g. Chi Kung / Qi Gong), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP / psychology), criminology, professional security officer guarding, loss prevention  & management skills.

The Liikan Jitsu Club is therefore not a mixed-martial arts (MMA) club, neither are we an esoterical or abstract art form, nor a quick-fix club. We practice martial arts for the purpose of developing our self-defence capability in all its facets and guises for use in all aspects of our daily lives. To this end what we practice is an blended system of learning with  integrated knowledge and skills that is true to the original principles and function of the arts rather than their specific cultural styles and form. This empowers us to continuously improve, change and adapt with the needs of the modern world and society in a natural evolutionary process of development.

Our system is based in the traditional arts and particularly well founded in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, but does not limit itself to them. Indeed we try to continually review and update both our knowledge and our system from any available source as we deem appropriate, be it traditional martial arts or modern psychology and security management. Anything less is merely the preservation of a cultural and historical relic and not consistent with the true spirit and essence of martial arts practice.

For further information, please see the introduction and  style briefing on the club web site.

Programmable options:

  1. General training as a member of the main Liikan Jitsu Club ry, replete with gradings, outdoor summer training and other club activities.

  2. Training sessions organised as required, as part of a private self-defense class / group as part of a personal security training programme.

Key Benefits

  • Effective and realistic training.
  • In a modern personal security management school.
  • For civilian use in modern day society.


Chris holds a third dan black belt in Liikan Jitsu, but has been training in the arts since 1983. He has founded, taught and managed three clubs since 1987, 2 in the U.K. and 1 in Finland. He also trains in traditional Japanese weapons and leads an official Kyusho study group as a licensed representative of Kyushu International. More information about Liikan Jitsu can be found from their home pages or from their facebook pages.

This extensive theoretical and technical training background is supported by several years practical experience working as a qualified security supervisor (including door supervision) at bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibition centres, sports and music events, and as a security guard in the retail sector. Qualifications include the 'järjestyksenvalvoja' (security supervisor) and 'vartija' (guard) qualifications with use of force rights, including cuffs, baton, pepper spray and telescopic baton. Other qualifications include the Certified Protection Officer certification by the IFPO (International Foundation for Protection Officers).

Capability 1
Extensive theoretical and technical knowledge of self-defense and personal security management way beyond the simplified quick-fix systems so often popular today.
Capability 2
Practical real life experience of work-place violence and conflict management. 
Capability 3
A comprehensive understanding of the wider framework, practical, theoretical and legal with the ability to integrate and clearly explain the physical and psychological skills, verbal and non-verbal.

For further information, please contact us by email: ToiminimiOK ,

or visit us on our Facebook page and chat with us there.


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Liikan Jitsu

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